Hello there!

Welcome to my corner of the web. I spend my days diving deep into the digital ocean, seeking out unique fonts, collecting inspiring poster designs from Instagram, and exploring random websites just for the joy of it. I’m passionate about UI design and my ultimate goal is to highlight the tiny, yet astounding, beauties of the design world.


Immersed in UX and UI design for 2 years, I adore creating unique, captivating interfaces that intertwine art and technology. Every design is a testament to my passion for distinctive digital experiences.


Graphic design and branding are my artistic arenas. The joy of creating visuals, the thrill of discovering the perfect font – each element contributes to my quest to craft something beautiful. Much like my constant pursuit of small beauties in everyday life, I strive to echo that beauty in every design I create.

Social Media

Navigating the world of social media management for 5 years, my experience blends seamlessly with my academic background in communication. I cherish the opportunity to engage with audiences, sculpt narratives, and influence the digital conversation.

My Works

Cast Me

A platform that connects models, photographers, and creative agencies in a seamless, online environment. A hub for talent discovery and job hunting, CastMe is the go-to website for the modeling and photography industry. Conceived with a modern brutalist design, it effortlessly merges style with functionality, providing a fresh, dynamic user experience. CastMe truly embodies the essence of modern modeling and creative pursuits.

Logo design, UX/UI design

Haute Home

Welcome to HauteHome, a webshop for high-end furniture shoppers. This platform I designed offers an intimate and enjoyable journey from product browsing to checkout, making it a destination of choice for discerning furniture enthusiasts. Rendered in a minimalist, chic design, it perfectly complements the exquisite furniture pieces, drawing attention to their beauty. Optimized for both desktop and mobile experiences, the design offers a seamless shopping experience. HauteHome is a prime example of sophisticated simplicity meeting intuitive user experience.

UI desig


Introducing my project with AQELA Technologies, a pioneering firm in the realm of blockchain technology. Tasked with crafting their brand identity and website UI, I embraced the challenge of designing predominantly in dark mode, and without the use of images. The outcome is a minimalistic yet impactful design that showcases the depth and sophistication of AQELA’s tech prowess. By focusing on strategic use of typography, shapes, and colors, I was able to create a unique, immersive digital environment that perfectly aligns with AQELA’s innovative spirit.

Brand identity, UI design

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Create a bold, unforgettable brand with powerful branding and web design. Let’s push boundaries and infuse designs with beauty and courage to stand out in a crowded market. Maximalism is key – aim higher and inspire awe with unwavering determination.